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About Me

I have an innate desire to help and support people as well as a strong passion for dance!

I have been introduced to various styles of dance throughout my life since I was a child. Movement itself has been something that brings fulfillment to me. There is something truly special about ballroom dance, however. It was my first time trying out ballroom dance in college that had stirred the newfound passion. The class was taught by one of the most inspiring women that I know to this day. I craved to learn more about the dances and wished to delve into technique. Now it is my pleasure to help people in their movement journey.

Dances that I teach:

  • Rhythm       (Rumba, ChaCha, East Coast Swing)

  • Smooth       (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot)

  • Nightclub    (Salsa, Bachata, Country 2 Step)

  • Weddings   (Unique Choreography or social dance moves)

  • Burlesque   (Chair, Heels)

I have worked with people from many walks of life. There is no requirement to get started in dance other than a desire to learn!

Reach out if you are interested in starting your dancing journey.

Read: Shaped by Dance 
A research paper about the benefits of dance for the brain.
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